These are bridge type double ended shear beam loadcell. They  have  high accuracy and side load tolerance, stable performance, and are  used for electronic truck scale, rail scale, ground scale and other weighing system. They are made from heat treated alloy tool steel.
Hardened Tool Steel Construction makes it very rugged
Suitable for harsh application
Suitable for multiform environments
Suitable for electronic truck scale
Rail Scale, Ground Scale
Other electronic weighing devices
Standard Capacities (T.)
Standard Specification :
Nominal Output 2.0 ± 0.1 mV/V (mili Volt per Volt)
Precision C2 / C3 (0.017% & 0.02% FSO comprehensive error)
Excitation Voltage 9 VDC - Maximum 12 VDC
Safe Load 120% of Rated Capacity
Ultimate Load 150% of Rated Capacity
Non Linearity <±0.03% of FSO (Full Scale Output)
Creep (30 minutes) <±0.025% of FSO
Zero Balance <±1.5% of FSO
Input Resistance 770 ± 20 ohms
Output Resistance 700 ± 10 ohms
Insulation resistance Above 5000 Mega ohms
Temp. Compensation -10oC to +40oC
Temp. Effect on zero & span < 0.03% FSO/10oC
Material Electroless nickel plated tool steel
Cable 12meter