Strain Gages :
Just as Loadcell is Heart of Electronic weighing scale, same way Strain gage is “Heart”  of Loadcells. One of the most precise way to measure stress, can be done by means of  Strain Gage. They are easy to use and offer very precise and accurate results. Application of Straingage  is very wide, it is used in various fields  for physical force measurements in mechanical, civil engineering ,aircraft and marine as well as in  medical science also.
Different models of straingage available are as follows:
ADHESIVE : H bond-600 High Performance Epoxy
It is two component epoxy resin adhesive.
It is hot curing adhesive.
Excellent for bonding of all gages and compensation resistors. Specially recommended for high precise transducers.
It is used to replace H-610. Gives better results than H-610.
Fast drying
Low viscosity
Minimum creep and hysteresis
Excellent repeatability and stability, high insulation over a wide temperature range
Packaging Details:
Contains 2 bottles of  
  1. Part A—5ml
2. Part B—10ml
After mixing total 15 ml of adhesive Hbond-600 is used for pasting around 300-400 sets of straingage.  
  - Hot Curing   @ +135 C / 2hours (with clamps)
- Postercure   @+165 C /2 hours  (without Clamp)