This designed Model of Crane Load Cell (New) is versatile, compact and rugged in construction. It is used in tension mode only.
Mainly used for Crane weighing. Tension Loading can be done with Dee / Bow Shackle. It is available in 20 Tf  and  30 Tf capacities.
Heat treated Alloy Tool Steel construction for resistance against shock and overload.
Suitable for harsh applications.
Perpendicular hole design helps in minimizing external moments effects and improves safety & accuracy.
It is light weight and portable.
Hanging & Crane Scale.
To measure rope tension by inserting as a link in to the line
Cargo handling in Ship Yards
To measure towing force of the vehicles and Ships
Force Measurement Tension Dynamometer
Standard Capacities (ton.)
20, 30
Standard Specification :
Nominal Output 1.0mV / V (mili Volt per Volt)
Excitation Voltage 10 VDC - Maximum 15 VDC
Safe Load 150% of Rated Capacity
Ultimate Load 200% of Rated Capacity
Non Linearity < ±0.05% of FSO (Full Scale Output)
Creep (30 minutes) < ±0.05% of FSO
Zero Balance ±1% of FSO
Input Resistance 775 ± 15 ohms
Output Resistance 700 ± 10 ohms
Insulation resistance Above 5000 Mega ohms
Temp. Compensation -0oC to +60oC
Temp. Effect on zero & span < 0.0015% FSO / oC
Material Electroless Nickle Plated Tool Steel
Environmental Protection Class IP65