This is a Single ended bending beam loadcell made from Alloy Tool steel & stainless steel structure; bellows hermetically sealed by laser, It is waterproof and anti-corrosion, suitable for multiform environments. It is specially designed to reduce vibration by means of bellows in the system.
Alloy Tool steel & stainless structure; S.S. bellows hermetically sealed by laser
Waterproof & anti-corrosion
Reduces vibration in system
Suitable for multiform environments
Industrial Automation Applications where vibrations are required to control
Hopper, Tank Weighing Systems
Baggage Weighing
Standard Capacities (Grams.)
100, 200, 300, 500
Standard Specification :
Nominal Output 2.0 ± 0.1 mV/V (mili Volt per Volt)
Precision C3 (0.02% FSO comprehensive error)
Excitation Voltage 9 VDC - Maximum 12 VDC
Safe Load 120% of Rated Capacity
Ultimate Load 150% of Rated Capacity
Non Linearity <±0.03% of FSO (Full Scale Output)
Creep (30 minutes) <±0.020% of FSO
Zero Balance <±1% of FSO
Input Resistance 350 ± 10 ohms
Output Resistance 350 ± 5 ohms
Insulation resistance Above 5000 Mega ohms
Temp. Compensation -10oC to +40oC
Temp. Effect on zero & span < 0.03% FSO/10oC
Material Alloy Tool Steel and stainless steel structure
Cable 4mm, 3mts